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How to use high-ceiled in a sentence. High-ceiled pronunciation.

He went out into a wide, whitewashed, high-ceiled corridor, and from that into an immense room which, but for pool tables, bar, benches, would have been like a courtyard.
Gale followed Thorne out of the restaurant into the high-ceiled corridor which evidently divided the hotel, opening into the street and running back to a patio.
Suddenly she stopped short in the middle of the great high-ceiled room, and drew her head up proudly like a victorious queen.
There were enormous, high-ceiled halls and parlors, and bedrooms and bedrooms and bedrooms.

Examples of High-ceiled

Example #1
The floor was cobblestoned, the walls were of adobe, and the large windows opened like doors.
Example #2
A blue cloud of smoke filled the place.
Example #3
A few dim, yellow lamps flickered.
Example #4
A Mexican with a blanket round his shoulders stood in the front entrance.
Example #5
One wide, triumphant, sweeping glance she cast at the well-loved walls-and went back to her desk, working swiftly, excitedly, well into the hours of the night.
Example #6
It was one of her joys in her husband's time to bring together these women-to teach and entertain them.