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How to use hill-face in a sentence. Hill-face pronunciation.

We crossed the dry rocky bed of the torrent in the bottom, and ascended the hill-face rapidly.
This rank herbage would of course stop the fire upon its arrival from the sloping hill-face.
Captain William Guy, Patterson, and their five companions descended the ravine, which was half filled with the fallen masses of the hill-face, amid heaps of scoria and blocks of black granite.

Examples of Hill-face

Example #1
Looking back, I saw the natives running at full speed in pursuit.
Example #2
I heard the savage yells of the enemy, who, as I had expected, now followed us with the hope of cutting off our retreat to the vessels.
Example #3
At 3.30 sighted the tall yards of the fleet in the distance.
Example #4
At 1 p.m. we passed on left bank a branch of the river.
Example #5
Only from one of the chances within the resources of Providence.
Example #6
And from whence could such an opportunity come?