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Definition of Hillside

  • The side or declivity of a hill.
  • the side or slope of a hill

How to use hillside in a sentence. Hillside pronunciation.

At last, a figure came from the door and went quickly down the hillside.
As he made his way down the hillside again he fell to thinking upon all Faith had written.
In it he speaks of his unsuccessful search for a valuable knife, prized as a present from a friend, which he had lost on a hillside covered with laurels.
Guided by this, he put spurs to his horse, crossed the cleared ground up the hillside, and found himself face to face with Madame de Tecle.
She had said enough to oblige him to ask her to speak out, and she began to throw out hints about a man whom Nora used to meet on the hillside (she wouldn't give the man's name, she was too clever for that).
She would only say that Nora had been seen on the hillside walking in lonely places with a man.
I've seen Mrs. O'Mara,' he blurted out, 'and she tells me that you've been seen walking with some man on the hillside in lonely places....
There were some rough chimney-pieces high up in the grass-grown walls, but beyond these really nothing to be seen, and he wandered out seeking traces of terraces along the hillside.
The more he thought of what he should say to Eliza, the less likely was he to speak effectively; and feeling that he had better rely on the inspiration of the moment, he sought distraction from his errand by noting the beauty of the hillside.
There is not wind enough to-day on the hillside to cause the faintest vibration.
A last ray lit up a distant hillside, his shadow floated on the wet sand.
I am going to leave that decrepit dusty house and mix with my fellows, and maybe blow a horn on the hillside to call comrades together.
It would be a full moon on the fifteenth of July, and every night he went out on the hillside to watch the horned moon swelling to a disc.
The lake will return,' he said, and next night he was on the hillside waiting for the lake to reappear.
Pat Kearney, whose theological knowledge did not extend very far, remained silent, and the priest was glad of his silence, for he was thinking that in a few minutes he would catch sight of the square whitewashed school-house on the hillside by the pine-wood, and the thought came into his mind that he would like to see again the place where he and Nora once stood talking together.
The freshets swept down the valleys, the myriad yellow twigs of the brookside willows turned green, a cheery piping rose from the ponds, the last gleam of snow passed from the farthest hills, the bluebird sang, the harrow followed the plough, Ruth's crocuses shone above the greening sod, and down by the old mill-pool and on the steep hillside beyond it she and Isabel gathered arbutus, anemones, and the yellow violet.
In every lovely garden, in every dell full of primroses, on every fair hillside, we meet that confounded board; and there is always a gamekeeper round the corner.
When they reached the woods they separated and Bob went up the ravine while Ruth kept along the hillsides.
Here was the path again by which she had come down the hillside; here was the very stone on which she had stood-awaiting him.
Far below them wound the Blue into its vale of sapphire shadows, with its hillsides of the mystic fabric of the backgrounds of the masters of the Renaissance.

Examples of Hillside

Example #1
Who, think thee, was it?
Example #2
I could not hear what was said.
Example #3
The return of the drunken chair-maker made a deep impression on him-almost as deep as the waking dreams he had had of his uncle calling him.
Example #4
But after other conquests there have been peace and order and law.
Example #5
He paused in prayer, asked to be guided, commenced his search, and was almost immediately successful thereafter.
Example #6
The Rev. Dr. Patton, of Chicago, in receiving many letters from clergymen, received one from Mr. F., a pastor in Massachusetts.