Him-looking in a sentence

The word "him-looking" in a example sentences. Learn the definition of him-looking and how to use it in a sentence.

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How to use him-looking in a sentence. Him-looking pronunciation.

There he goes, up and down, up and down-in his cage-don't you see him?-looking for a place to gnaw his way through-little grey rat.
So he fell asleep, and Jinny kissed him,-looking at him an instant, her cheek growing paler.
If he had even looked down, he could not have failed to see us: but he stood within six feet of us, looking all round him-looking anywhere but at his feet.

Examples of Him-looking

Example #1
A little wild animal, locked up.
Example #2
The poorest little wretch on God's earth-locked up-for me!
Example #3
Then we're going to the country to be good children together.
Example #4
She always does, when she says.
Example #5
Then he walked away from us, and looked at the rocks near the brook.
Example #6
In another moment he must have seen us.