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How to use him-love in a sentence. Him-love pronunciation.

But what I want to know is, do you love him-love him with that strong, passionate feeling which we usually call 'love'?
Though her mind was full of these thoughts, there was no less of love for him-love in Ellen Lawton could never change, though she wondered, too, how he could refuse what seemed to her so easy to grant.
Love to Him-love to thee-faithfulness to both.

Examples of Him-love

Example #1
Well, and what answer have you made him?
Example #2
Lavretsky, in his turn, looked seriously at Liza.
Example #3
And so they both silently pursued their way, wondering in their hearts as to the nature of each other.
Example #4
How plainly she read in it the future-how fully did it reveal the disposition of him by whose will she saw she was herself to be hereafter governed!
Example #5
I fear not to take all good at His hand.
Example #6
His earnestness could not be mistaken.