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How to use him-will in a sentence. Him-will pronunciation.

But even if she refuses him-will it not be just the same as far as I am concerned?
But how about him-will he handle?
But imagine one of these owners, the master say of some fifty slaves, together with his family and property and slaves, carried off by a god into the wilderness, where there are no freemen to help him-will he not be in an agony of fear lest he and his wife and children should be put to death by his slaves?
She's mad now to follow him-will go to Maidstone.

Examples of Him-will

Example #1
Amid such thoughts as these the day passed swiftly by.
Example #2
Freedom by itself was little to him now.
Example #3
All he needs is the eyebrows worked up a little bit.
Example #4
And you spring this lad on me.
Example #5
Yes, he said, he will be in the utmost fear.
Example #6
Yes; the reason is, that the whole city is leagued together for the protection of each individual.