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How to use hippiass in a sentence. Hippiass pronunciation.

He had his thoughts at Hippias's somnolent door, and to them the world might have subscribed.
Hippias's brethren regarded him with eyes that plainly said they wished he had remained there.
Was not Hippias's dream the very counterpart of Richard's position?
The young, however, whom sages well may envy, seldom fail in lifting their inventive faculties to the level of their spirits, and two minutes of Hippias's angry complaints against the friend he serenely inquired for, gave Ripton his cue.

Examples of Hippiass

Example #1
By her door he murmured, "Good creature!
Example #2
He passed the chamber where the Great-Aunt Grantley lay, who was to swell Richard's fortune, and so perform her chief business on earth.
Example #3
Sir Austin, however, drew forth his note-book, and jotted down a reflection.
Example #4
A composer of aphorisms can pluck blossoms even from a razor-prop.
Example #5
He, had he looked narrowly, might have taken the clear path: he, too, had been making dainty steps till he was surrounded by the grinning blades.