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Even during our first stay at Wildbad, which, with the Hirsau interruption, lasted more than three months, my mother had formed an intimate friendship with Frau von Burckhardt, in which I too was included.
Shortly before our departure we had taken a longer drive with our new friends Fran Puricelli and her daughter Jenny to the Hirsau cloister.
Hirsau had first been suggested as a resting-place, but it was doubtful whether we should find what we needed there.
After leaving Hirsau, we again met the Gallaits in Wildbad and spent some delightful days with them.
Another distinguished visitor at Hirsau was Prince Puckler Muskau.

Examples of Hirsau

Example #1
The lady possessed rare tact in harmonizing the very diverse elements which her husband, the physician in charge, brought to her.
Example #2
I was rarely interrupted, for the report had spread that I wished to be alone while at work; yet even the first year I did not lack acquaintances.
Example #3
The daughter specially attracted me.
Example #4
The new residence was to afford me an opportunity to lead a lonely, quiet life with my mother and my books, which latter, however, were only to be used in moderation.
Example #5
If not, the carriage was to convey us to beautiful, quiet Herrenalb, between Wildbad and Baden-Baden.
Example #6
She went with me-both in wheel-chairs-to a ball at the Kursaal, and looked so pretty in an airy, white dress which her mother and sister had arranged for their darling, that I should have longed to dance with her had not this pleasure been denied me.