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How to use his-self in a sentence. His-self pronunciation.

When I worked up at 'the house' I et just what the master et; sometimes he would give it to me his-self.
Jinkinson squeedged the doctor's hand and begun that wery day; he kept his tools upon the bed, and wenever he felt his-self gettin' worse, he turned to at vun o' the children who wos a runnin' about the house vith heads like clean Dutch cheeses, and shaved him agin.
Machines is jest the common sense of God Almighty made up by men, 'ste'd er animals made up by His-self.

Examples of His-self

Example #1
When he didn't, I et it anyway.
Example #2
Course, we didn't get too much to eat; corn meal, a little piece of fat meat now and then, cabbages, greens, potatoes, and plenty of molasses.
Example #3
Vun day the lawyer come to make his vill; all the time he wos a takin' it down, Jinkinson was secretly a clippin' avay at his hair vith a large pair of scissors.
Example #4
By the time the lawyer found it out, he was wery nearly bald.
Example #5
I left Sam and the Byrd standing in the sunshine at the gate of cedar poles that Sam had set up at the entrance of his wilderness, and I don't believe I would have had the strength of character to go until I had been introduced to every stick and stone on the farm if I hadn't wanted so much to find out all about cows from Dr. Chubb.
Example #6
I've saw a horse with steel innards and rid it," remarked the old doctor.