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How to use holeproof in a sentence. Holeproof pronunciation.

That is where you are wrong; they do not wear out fast-if you buy the Holeproof.
Seriously, the Holeproof Hosiery does what it promises.
If you don't believe it, try it-but be sure and get the real thing; of your dealer or The Holeproof Hoisery Co., Milwaulkee, Wis. Please mention THE FORERUNNER when purchasing C. P. G.

Examples of Holeproof

Example #1
Mrs. Ree was fascinated by the new heresy.
Example #2
As a staunch adherent of the old Home and Culture Club, and its older ideals, she disapproved of the undertaking, but her curiosity was keen about it.
Example #3
I have used it, other members of my family have used it, friends of mine have used it and I have never heard any complaint, except of the monotony of whole stockings.
Example #4
I wore them and wore them and wore them, till I was so tired of those deathless, impervious, unnaturally whole stockings that I gave them away!
Example #5
Do take off your hat and have dinner with us,-I'll show you," urged Mrs. Porne.
Example #6
My Swede was a very ordinary cook, as most of these untrained girls are.