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Definition of Hollow-hearted

  • Insincere; deceitful; not sound and true; having a cavity or decayed spot within.

How to use hollow-hearted in a sentence. Hollow-hearted pronunciation.

As gold is tried by the furnace, and the baser metal shown, so the hollow-hearted friend is known by adversity.
Leonard thanked the good-natured stranger, crossed the field, passed the gap, and paused a moment under the stinted shade of the old hollow-hearted oak.
There was a rustle under the boughs of the old hollow-hearted pollard-tree.
There was a rustle under the boughs of the old hollow-hearted pollard- tree.

Examples of Hollow-hearted

Example #1
The rose does not bloom without thorns.
Example #2
He is below himself that is not above an injury.
Example #3
A pretty notion the signorina must form of your enslaved state of pupilage, when she hears you ask that question.
Example #4
The ravens were returning to their nests.
Example #5
Mr. Egerton is the Blue candidate, and the Blues are the Country Party; therefore how can he be a Lonnoner?
Example #6
Oh, that foolish fancy of yours about my young Lord?