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How to use home-of in a sentence. Home-of pronunciation.

And while he was still speaking with fervour of Vienna-which was his home-of gay, melancholy Wien, he flung round and put a question to his companion.
Not at his home-of course that would never do-but when he was with his regiment.
I was still thinking of the picnic-of our merriment on the drive home-of the sentimental young lady who _would quote_ "Childe Harold" because it was moonlight.

Examples of Home-of

Example #1
He caught her by the sleeve.
Example #2
Meanwhile, he had grown personal.
Example #3
Short of money as he always was, through his father's nature and his own, which in some points were the very opposite, he was even desirous to give me some of that; but I never took a farthing from him.
Example #4
If I had it at all, I would have it from the proper one.
Example #5
I was absorbed by these past scenes and past amusements, when, in an instant, the thread on which my memories hung snapped asunder; my attention immediately came back to present things more vividly than ever, and I found myself, I neither knew why nor wherefore, looking hard at the picture again.
Example #6
Nothing but some rays of moonlight shining in at my bedroom window.