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How to use home-twenty in a sentence. Home-twenty pronunciation.

He accosted the doctor, and asked him most piteously for a little money, stating, at the same time, that his master, an old Quaker, had excluded him from the house, and compelled him to remain in the barn; he could stand it no longer, and desired to go home-twenty miles up the river.
Also they bear evidence of the renewal of his old river habit of sending money home-twenty dollars in each letter, with intervals of a week or so between.
Fifty cents will take her twenty miles nearer home-twenty miles closer to the things upon which she longs that her last seeing glance may fall.

Examples of Home-twenty

Example #1
He was nearly frozen to death.
Example #2
The doctor was going his rounds and met a poor colored boy in the street.
Example #3
With the adjournment of the legislature, Samuel Clemens returned to Virginia City distinctly a notability-Mark Twain.
Example #4
However, many of the letters are undoubtedly missing.
Example #5
After she had written it she rose, and, the five-dollar bill in one hand, the sheets of yellow paper in the other, walked down the long room to the desk at which one of the librarians sat.
Example #6
She belongs to us because we understand.