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How to use hon in a sentence. Hon pronunciation.

Our address, till the beginning of February, is "Hon.
Carlyle to Emerson Chelsea, 8 March, 1864 Dear Emerson,-This will be delivered to you by the Hon.
Of the "Sketch" by the Hon.
The officers of the Trained Bands were supplied by the Hon.
The Captain was markedly fitful and, to a layman's eye, unreliable at the helm; the Hon.
This land being the first we have met with in the South sea and not known to any European nation, we have conferred on it the name of Anthoony Van Diemenslandt, in honor of the Hon.
Governor-General, our illustrious master, who sent us to make this discovery; the islands circumjacent so far as known to us, we have named after the Hon.
The Hon. F.P. Barlee, Esq., Colonial Secretary, W.A. FROM WEST TO EAST.
There required, however, to be unanimity to accomplish this, and some of the electors having proposed Mr. Foster as a fit and proper person to represent the City; those who were in favour of carrying out the principle already adopted at the District Meeting, had nothing left but to bring forward an opponent to Mr. Foster, and in the person of the Right Hon.
On Wednesday last, no little commotion was created by the election of a member (nominally) to represent the interests of the Citizens of Melbourne in the Legislative Council, but the thinking portion of the community having arrived at the conclusion that representation in the Legislative Council at Sydney, under existing circumstances, was a farce, had determined, virtually, upon adopting a similar course to that pursued at the nomination of Candidates for the District, and the Right Hon.
His worship then read the protests, which are as follows:-"I, the undersigned burgher of Bourke Ward, do hereby protest against the Returning Officer receiving any votes for the Right Hon.
Speech delivered on 4th June, 1857, in the Legislative Assembly by the Hon.
The Governor acknowledges the receipt of the Memorandum submitted to him by the Hon.
We desire to draw Your Excellency's attention to the answer given by the Hon.
In reply to the Hon.
Member the Cabinet desire me to state that it is unusual and inexpedient to state the intention of the Government otherwise than by the due presentation of business to Parliament; but in this instance there is an additional serious objection to the question of the hon.
The President elect, being conducted to the chair by the Hon.
James Munro, and the Hon.
By command of Major-General Macomb, commanding in chief: R. JONES, _Adjutant-General_ GREEN HILL, _October 12, 1834_. Hon.
PARIS, _December 22, 1834_. Hon.

Examples of Hon

Example #1
My Wife sends you many kind regards; remember us across the Ocean too;-and be well and busy till we meet.
Example #2
Better be silent than talk farther in this mood.
Example #3
Dear Emerson,-This will be delivered to you by the Hon.
Example #4
Lyulph Stanley, an excellent, intelligent young gentleman whom I have known ever since his infancy,-his father and mother being among my very oldest friends in London; "Lord and Lady Stanley of Alderley" (not of Knowesley, but a cadet branch of it), whom perhaps you did not meet while here.
Example #5
Judge James, we are more secure, though, as a literary performance, it is quite as devoid of merit as pretension.
Example #6
But the untamed, and sometimes extravagant exuberance of his style might well subject his narrative to suspicion.