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How to use honly in a sentence. Honly pronunciation.

She whipped me a few times but then de whippins wuz honly raps on de head wid her thimble.
Honly fancy, Kid, vot a set of spoonies these 'ere fellows har, not to be goin it like the Hinglish in Hindia, or in the Peninsoola under the Duke.
Honly fancy the fellows a behavin as if they vos on knight herranty of the hancient times, instead of givin a cove a chance of to do a little business among the walluables of Fort Erie, or hany hother place in the wicinity.

Examples of Honly

Example #1
Ah spose ah needed hit, for ah "did like sugah"!
Example #2
Ah used ter help her run de loom.
Example #3
I 'eard a fellow as vos there say, that they used to steal hoff at night and 'av hodd sport and leave none to tell the tale in the mornin.
Example #4
They had come over in the hope of being able to make some bold strokes in the wake of the soldiery, and the confusion that they had fancied should obtain among the people; but finding that they were foiled in this direction, they cast their eyes about them to see what was best to be done under the circumstances.
Example #5
In this way the conversation was continued, while the horses moved slowly along the road taken by the invaders, and at such a distance from the rear of the force, as not to be visible to any of the soldiers; until, just as the three companions we're passing through a patch of woods about a quarter of a mile from the rear guard of the invaders, they were suddenly startled by the report of firearms in the direction of the troops, just ahead of them.
Example #6
This report was followed by another, and yet another, and now by one continuous volley.