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How to use hook-and-ladder in a sentence. Hook-and-ladder pronunciation.

Four engines, two hook-and-ladders, a water-tower, the battalion chief, and a deputy are hurrying to that fire.
There were the engines, the hose-carts, the hook-and-ladders, the salvage corps, the police establishing fire lines-everything.
The fireboys were never on hand so suddenly before; for there was no distance to go this time, their quarters being in the rear end of the market house, There was an engine company and a hook-and-ladder company.

Examples of Hook-and-ladder

Example #1
Now the fire-houses in the particular district where that fire is have received the alarm instantly.
Example #2
McCormick relapsed from his air of attention.
Example #3
But where was the fire?
Example #4
With a jerk and a skid we stopped.
Example #5
Half of each was composed of rummies and the other half of anti-rummies, after the moral and political share-and-share-alike fashion of the frontier town of the period.
Example #6
The fighting ceased instantly; the cursing ceased; for one distinctly defined moment, there was a dead hush, a motionless calm, where the tempest had been; then with one impulse the multitude awoke to life and energy again, and went surging and struggling and swaying, this way and that, its outer edges melting away through windows and doors and gradually lessening the pressure and relieving the mass.