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How to use horizon-wide in a sentence. Horizon-wide pronunciation.

What was the dull, red-tinged, horizon-wide mantle creeping up the slope?
But here in the horizon-wide face of that up-flung and cloven desert he grew cold; he faltered even while he felt more fatally drawn.
A long, horizon-wide gleam of light, rosiest in the center, lay low down in the east and momentarily brightened.

Examples of Horizon-wide

Example #1
Through it the copper sun glowed, paled, died.
Example #2
Gale put his arm over the great arched neck and laid his cheek against the long white mane, and then even as he stood there forgot the horse.
Example #3
As if impelled Shefford started his horse down the sandy trail, but he checked his former far-reaching gaze.
Example #4
Once in his life he had answered a wild call to the kingdom of adventure within him, and once in his life he had been happy.
Example #5
One by one the stars in the deep-blue sky paled and went out and the blue dome changed and lightened.
Example #6
Night was lifting out of the clefts and ravines; the rolling cedar ridges and the sage flats were softly gray, with thin veils like smoke mysteriously rising and vanishing; the colorless rocks were changing.