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Definition of Horological

  • Relating to a horologe, or to horology.

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At that time we have the very full mechanical and historical material concerning the horological masterpiece built by Giovanni de Dondi of Padua,[7] and probably started as early as 1348.
In the course of this work we translated and commented on a series of texts most of which had not hitherto been made available in a Western tongue and, though well known in China, had not been recognized as important for their horological content.
During the century following this horological exuberance in Damascus, the center of gravity of Islamic astronomy shifted from the East to the Hispano-Moorish West.
Having discussed the Villard drawings which are already cited in horological literature, we must draw attention to the fact that this medieval architect also gives an illustration of a perpetual motion wheel.
Liu Hsien-chou, "Chinese inventions in horological engineering," _Ch'ing-Hua University Engineering Journal_, 1956, vol. 4, p. 1. [5] For illustrations of intermeshing worms in Indian cotton mills, see Matschoss, _op.

Examples of Horological

Example #1
It might well be possible to set a date a few decades earlier, but in general as one proceeds backwards from this point, the evidence becomes increasingly fragmentary and uncertain.
Example #2
If one is to establish a _terminus ante quem_ for the appearance of the mechanical clock in Europe, it would appear that 1364 is a most reasonable date.
Example #3
I Hsiang Fa Yao," or "New Design for a (mechanized) Armillary (sphere) and (celestial) Globe," written by Su Sung in A.D. 1090.
Example #4
Of the greatest significance, this stem reveals the crucial independent invention of a mechanical escapement, a feature not found in the European stem in spite of centuries of intensive historical research and effort.
Example #5
At the same time there comes more evidence that the line of mathematical protoclocks had not been left unattended.
Example #6
Closely associated with his book one also finds texts dealing with perpetual-motion devices, which we shall consider later.