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How to use horses-there in a sentence. Horses-there pronunciation.

Induced, perhaps, by the weariness which I felt, I stopped and looked wistfully in the direction of the sound; presently up came a coach, seemingly a mail, drawn by four bounding horses-there was no one upon it but the coachman and the guard; when nearly parallel with me it stopped.
I believe I will be safe in leaving it to some one higher up to get another doctor to take my place-doctors-and sorrel horses-there are plenty of them.

Examples of Horses-there

Example #1
I should arrive at, I heard what sounded like a coach coming up rapidly behind me.
Example #2
I had always been a good pedestrian; but now, whether owing to indisposition or to not having for some time past been much in the habit of taking such lengthy walks, I began to feel not a little weary.
Example #3
You had the right philosophy, Prince.
Example #4
The sorrel horse seemed to be looking at him through the office window.