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AUSTRALIA +Source.+-Six Months in the new Colony of South Australia (J. Horton James, 1839), pp.
The Council being about to meet this morning to discuss a subject with which Mr. Horton James is particularly well acquainted; the Governor will thank Mr. James, if he would do him the favour to attend the Council this morning about half-past nine o'clock, to give the Council his opinion on the subject.
Bell, W.T., Bunnett, G.W., Bowers, N.H., Bowers, W.J., Brasington, W.M., Blackman, B., Bridges, P.H., Caston, W.J., Cato, R.E., Cauthen, G.L., Cauthen, L.D., Craige, W.M., Cauthen, J.M., Deas, A., Ellis, G.W., Ellis, W.W., Funderburk, W.B., Funderburk, J.C., Faulkenberry, J.T., Gardener, C.L., Gardener, S., Gardener, W.W., Gregory, W.T., Gregory, Willis, Harris, G.T., Harris, J.K., Harrell, D., Hilkon, T., Hinson, E., Hinson, W.L., Horton, A.J., Hough, M.J., Horton, W.C., Horton, J.B., Horton, J.T., Harvel, D.B., Jones, B.B., Johnson, J.D., Johnson, F.M., Johnson, D.T., Kennington, B.R., Kennington, R.W., Kennington, G.W., Kennington, J., Kennington, N., Kennington, R., Kennington, R., Jr., Kennington, W.J., Kennington, S.L., Knight, E.R., Lucas, M., Lowery, R.J., Lowery, W.W., Minor, L., Lyles, W.J., Lynn, W.T., Lathan, J.T., Lucas, J.R., Love, V.H., McManus, W.H., McManus.
Hendrick, J.H., King, E.T., Lee, J.C., Sowell, W.H. PRIVATES: Adams, J.J., Carter, S.H., Carter, G.W., Calege, J., Crain, J.A., Crowley, B.D., Crowley, T.W., Dees, T.M., Dees, W., Foster, S., Griffith, J., Gandy, E., Gandy, W.H., Gibson, A., Handcock, J.P., Handcock, J.J., Handcock, J.J., Handcock, J.T., Handcock, R.F., Handcock, J.L., Hudrick, R., Hudrick, J.L., Horn, L., Horn, J., Horn, M., Horton.
G.W., Horton, S., Holly, P.W., Hough, J.T., Hough, J.E., Jordan, H.S., Jordan, J., Jordan, A., Key, A., Key, J.A., Knight, J.H., Knight, J.R., Knight, J.A., Knight, W.H., Knight, T.J., Knighton, J.T., Kibbie, J., Lowery, J., Lowery, W., Love, J.J., Mangum, J.C., Mangum, W.P., Myers, J., Miller, J.T., McMillan, T.E., McMair, D.D., McManus, M.B., McLauchlin, D.A., Oliver, J.T., Ogburn, L., Philips, E., Philips.
The class will be put in the right attitude for study by an interesting account of Milton's life up to 1632; his home influences; his education; his Puritan ideas; the difference between Puritanism in Milton's youth and Puritanism in the days of the Commonwealth; and, especially, by a vivid picture of the surroundings of the poet at Horton.
Find out what you can of Milton's childhood home; his tastes and habits when a boy; his education; his perplexity about the choice of a career; his six years at Horton; his travels; his return home; his removal to London; his marriage; his prose writings; his spirit in controversy; his domestic life; his public life; his situation in 1660; his employment during the years of his retirement; the effect on his character, of controversy and the failure of his cherished ideals of government.
Il Penseroso_ reflect of his life at Horton? of his tastes? of his accomplishments?
Il Penseroso_ reflect of his life at Horton? of his tastes?
Wm. H. Holliday Corp. Earl Horton Pvt.
Among many, the following modern observers have also reported instances of pregnancy with hymen integrum: Braun, 3 cases; Francis, Horton, Oakman, Brill, 2 cases; Burgess, Haig, Hay, and Smith. Instances in which the presence of an unruptured hymen has complicated or retarded actual labor are quite common, and until the membrane is ruptured by external means the labor is often effectually obstructed.
Pliny mentions cases of men begetting sons when past the age of eighty and Plot speaks of John Best of the parish of Horton, who when one hundred and four married a woman of fifty-six and begat a son.
Suddenly, a thought occurred to us, and, refreshing our memory by a glance at the Index of our English "Road-Book," we suggested triumphantly that names were repeated for different localities in England: thus, there are four Ashfords, two Dorchesters, six Hortons, seven Newports, etc., etc.
I have the honour to be, dear Sir Peter, Yours truly, WILLIAM HORTON.
London, for George Horton, 1651.
Nora Avenel had fled from the boyish love of Harley L'Estrange, recommended by Lady Lansmere to a valetudinarian relative of her own, Lady Jane Horton, as companion.
Lady Jane Horton, who was suffering under a disease which not long afterwards proved fatal, was too ill to receive him.
He would not trust Lady Jane Horton with his secret, still less Lady Lansmere.
Lady Jane Horton was confined to her bed, dying fast, incapable even to receive and reply to his letter.
The Avenels believed her still with Lady Jane Horton.

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The settlement of South Australia was undertaken to test Wakefield's theory; but instead of turning their land to good account the colonists left it idle, hoping to sell at a high price.
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THAT any surplus of the proceeds of the tax upon rent and of sales, over what is required for Emigration, be employed in relief of other taxes, and for the general purposes of Colonial Government.
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The character of the late Governor, Capt.
Example #4
Government House, _25th April, 1838.
Example #5
C.W., McManus, W.A., McManus, G.B., Neal, W.M., Perry, B.C., Phifer, W.T., Phillips, A., Phillips.
Example #6
J., Phillips. H.S., Phillips, A.L., Reaves, T.C., Robertson, W. U.R., Robertson, V.A., Reaves, J.J., Short, J.G., Small, J.M., Small, W.F., Sowell, S.F., Snipes, A., Sowell, A., Sodd, W., Swetty, A.M., Woeng.