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How to use hotz in a sentence. Hotz pronunciation.

Dr. Hotz for instance obtained two photographs of a materialization through the German medium, Minna-Demmler.
Higher Self dominates lower by keynote, 99. Higher senses of man, 16. Higher vehicles, permeability of, 138; withdrawal of, in sleep, 138. Holy of Holies, temple of our bodies, 134. Hotz, Dr., spirit photographs taken by, 129. Humanity, two classes of, 136.
Hotz, Dr., spirit photographs taken by, 129.

Examples of Hotz

Example #1
On one a cloud of ether is seen oozing out through the left side of the medium, shapeless and without form.
Example #2
Scientific investigators who have conducted researches into psychic phenomena have even photographed it when it has been extracted through the spleen by materializing spirits.
Example #3
Izzards, 87. James, Professor William, reputed communication from, 149-151. Jehovah, _see_ Holy Spirit.
Example #4
John, Gospel of, spiritual significance of, 105. Jupiter, auric color of, 132. Karma, _see_ Causation, law of.
Example #5
In what respect?" said I.
Example #6
Those persons who took pleasure in finding omens, and those especially (a very small number) who saw with chagrin the rejoicings of the Empire, did not fail to remark that every fete given to Marie Louise had been attended by some accident.