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There were also two extra horses, which Orion, now ten, and Jennie, the house-girl, a slave, rode.
It was Jennie, the house-girl, and Uncle Ned, a man of all work -apparently acquired with the improved prospects-who were in real charge of the children and supplied them with entertainment.
Besides, I don't know the new house-girl.
Jenny, the house-girl, refused to sleep at the quarters; and when Aunt Tabby, the cook, started for her cabin after dark, she was accompanied by a number of little negroes bearing lightwood torches.
Gabriella was glad of the chance to wait for the house-girl to come up and kindle her fire-grateful for the luxury of lying in bed on Friday morning, instead of getting up to a farmer's early breakfast, when sometimes there were candles on the table to reveal the localities of the food!
He then retired in the blackest consternation, and his yellow granddaughter, the house-girl, brought in the wine-jelly.
The black beauty in the kitchen was heard to remark to the house-girl: "I hope that white man's skin will stretch, for I shore am going to stuff it.

Examples of House-girl

Example #1
This was early in the spring of 1835.
Example #2
The barouche held the parents and the three younger children, Pamela, Margaret, anal the little boy, Benjamin.
Example #3
They would, in fact, have been lost without such protection and company.
Example #4
All the children of that time were fond of the negroes and confided in them.
Example #5
But the side-gate's latched, and I can't ring the door-bell-if only because it would be too ridiculous to have to ask the maid to tell Colonel Musgrave his wife wanted to see him.
Example #6
And he must have been home a half-hour ago at least, because I know it's after five.