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Hsuan-chwang says it was twelve inches round.
Fa-hien found him here worshipped by followers of the mahayana school; but Hsuan-chwang connects his worship with the yogachara or tantra-magic school.
It is possible such a mistake may have been made, as in the account of one of the pillars at Sravasti, Fa-hien says an ox formed the capital, whilst Hsuan-chwang calls it an elephant (P. 19, Arch.
Confounded, according to Eitel, even by Hsuan-chwang, with the Hiranyavati, which flows past the city on the south.
NOTES (1) Called by Hsuan-chwang Indra-sila-guha, or "The cavern of Indra.
A grand monastery was subsequently built at it, famous by the residence for five years of Hsuan-chwang.
And, as described by Hsuan-chwang, fourteen or fifteen cubits high, and thirty paces round.

Examples of Hsuan-chwang

Example #1
In Williams' Dictionary, under {.}, the characters, used here, are employed in the phrase for "to degrade an officer," that is, "to remove the token of his rank worn on the crown of his head;" but to place a thing on the crown is a Buddhistic form of religious homage.
Example #2
The name of the province of Behar was given to it in consequence of its many viharas.
Example #3
The mahayana school regard him as the apotheosis of perfect wisdom.
Example #4
According to Eitel (pp. 71, 72), A famous Bodhisattva, now specially worshipped in Shan-se, whose antecedents are a hopeless jumble of history and fable.
Example #5
He supposes this to be the pillar seen by Fa-hien, who mistook the top of it for a lion.
Example #6
A note of Mr. Beal says on this:-"General Cunningham, who visited the spot (1862), found a pillar, evidently of the age of Asoka, with a well-carved elephant on the top, which, however, was minus trunk and tail.