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How to use hurriab in a sentence. Hurriab pronunciation.

The 2nd Punjaub Infantry being left on the hill, to oppose the Afghans, should they again advance in that direction; the rest of the column entered the defile leading into the Hurriab valley, far in the rear of the Peiwar-Khotal.
In two hours the head of the column emerged from the forest on to the open slopes above the highest cultivated point in the Hurriab valley.
The road lay down the Hurriab river, till the Khuram river was reached; and then along the right bank, passing through the village of Kermana; after which it turned up a narrow road, for two miles, till an open plateau was reached, at the farther end of which stood the village of Sappir.

Examples of Hurriab

Example #1
As soon as the enemy-who were still opposing the 2nd Punjaub Infantry-saw the head of the column enter the defile, they were seized with a panic lest their retreat should be cut off; and began to retreat with the greatest haste, as they had to make their way across two mountain ridges, before they could pass the spot towards which our troops were moving.
Example #2
At two o'clock they again drew up on the Spingawi plateau.
Example #3
The advance of the column, however, was necessarily slow; as the woods and side valleys had to be carefully examined, lest a flank attack should be made upon them.
Example #4
It was now four o'clock.
Example #5
It was reported, here, that the Mongals intended to defend a defile and hill pass, two miles farther on.
Example #6
The column marched at nine in the morning and, after their down march, arrived at the village of Sappir at midday.