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The book produced a great impression throughout Europe, and its main thesis, that "the Mosaic history is not the starting-point for the history of ancient Israel, but for the history of Judaism," was felt to be so powerfully maintained that many of the leading Hebrew teachers of Germany who had till then stood aloof from the so-called "Grafian hypothesis"-the doctrine, that is, that the Levitical Law and connected parts of the Pentateuch were not written till after the fall of the kingdom of Judah, and that the Pentateuch in its present compass was not publicly accepted as authoritative till the reformation of Ezra-declared themselves convinced by Wellhausen's arguments.
At present it is the best hypothesis-the best guess-because it accords best with known facts.
According to his hypothesis,-as he suggests, perhaps an erroneous hypothesis,-the fluid matter which fills the heavenly spaces, and which may be compared to a vortex or whirlpool, circles about the sun and carries the planets along with it.

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Example #1
Before 1878 the Grafian hypothesis was neglected or treated as a paradox in most German universities, although some individual scholars of great name were known to have reached by independent inquiry similar views to those for which Graf was the recognised sponsor, and although in Holland the writings of Professor Kuenen, who has been aptly termed Graf's goel, had shown in an admirable and conclusive manner that the objections usually taken to Graf's arguments did not touch the substance of the thesis for which he contended.
Example #2
Since 1878, partly through the growing influence of Kuenen, but mainly through the impression produced by Wellhausen's book, all this has been changed.
Example #3
It acts as a guide to knowable facts as well.
Example #4
New facts which future ages may discover may prove the theory to be either right or wrong.
Example #5
Thus the planets move in relation to the sun, but are at rest in relation to the adjacent portions of the matter of the heavens.
Example #6
It is clear that the harmony of his views with those of the Church (though it was only a verbal agreement) was not unwelcome to him.