I-at in a sentence

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How to use i-at in a sentence. I-at pronunciation.

I’m provided: I fear no man and supplicate no man, not I,-at least as long as this heart of mine can prompt a good stiff lie.
Your grandmother and I understand each other-better than you and I-at least, better than you understand me.
Well, where was I,-at the black horse?

Examples of I-at

Example #1
Let him come when he wants, yes, and let him take care not to keep me waiting.
Example #2
I’ll take charge here myself.
Example #3
Margaret had a queer look.
Example #4
Was not her taking enough money from the old lady to pay all her personal expenses-was not that dependence?
Example #5
Yes, at the black horse.
Example #6
Yes, I made her jump on my black horse, and bore her off like-like Aeneas bore his wife away from the siege of Rome!