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How to use <iat in a sentence. <iat pronunciation.

As it is the correct thing now to lie down all of a summer afternoon, hidden by trees, and closely watch every movement of a pair of little birds, or spend hours by a frog pond studying the sluggish life there, and as mothers are urged by scientific students to record daily the development of their infants in each apparently unimportant matter, I think I may be excused for a brief sketch of my charge, for no mother ever had a child so precocious, so wise, so willful, so affectionate, so persistent, as Kizzie at the same age.
At last, at the end of a certain period; after delay. "The duke of Savoy felt that the time had at last arrived.
These squires at odds did fall.
Exchange is at par when, for example, a bill in New York, for the payment of one hundred pounds sterling in London, can be purchased for the sum.

Examples of <iat

Example #1
Before he was three days old, he would follow me like a dog up and down stairs and all over the house, walk behind me as I strolled about the grounds, and when tired, he would cry and "peep, weep" for me to sit down.
Example #2
Wolsey was on familiar terms with a venerable carp; Clive owned a pet tortoise; Sir John Lubbock contrived to win the affections of a Syrian wasp; Charles Dudley Warner devoted an entire article in the Atlantic Monthly to the praises of his cat Calvin; but did you ever hear of a peacock as a household pet?
Example #3
Farthest of all from a given quality, character, or condition; most unlikely; having least fitness; as, he is the last person to be accused of theft.

Example #4
Cyclopterus lumpus) of Europe and America.
Example #5
Odds and ends, that which is left; remnants; fragments; refuse; scraps; miscellaneous articles. "My brain is filled . . .
Example #6
Having many flues; as, a multiflue boiler.