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How to use <iham in a sentence. <iham pronunciation.

To arm the lead, to fill the hollow in the bottom of a sounding lead with tallow in order to discover the nature of the bottom by the substances adhering. Ham.
Worn; fretted; as, a magged brace. Ham.
An iron plate extending from the dead-eyes to the ship's side. Ham.
The aperture in a block through which the rope reeves. Ham.

Examples of <iham

Example #1
Red lead, a scarlet, crystalline, granular powder, consisting of minium when pure, but commonly containing several of the oxides of lead.
Example #2
This was the pronunciation advocated by Reuchlin and his followers, in opposition to the etacism of Erasmus.
Example #3
Magenta, in Italy, in allusion to the battle fought there about the time the dye was discovered.
Example #4
Greater, in respect to scales, intervals, etc.
Example #5
Scrannel.] Thin; lean; meager; scrawny; scrannel. [Prov.
Example #6
An imaginary being inhabiting the air; a fairy.

2. Fig.