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How to use i-in in a sentence. I-in pronunciation.

I-in fact, I know I did.
That cunning scoundrel, Dousterswivel, found out my blunt side, and brought strange tales (d-n him) of appearances of old shafts, and vestiges of mining operations, conducted in a manner quite different from those of modern times; and I-in short, I was a fool, and there is an end.
Peg went on quietly: "Nor am I-in this house.
We also go down to the town, Yves, Chrysantheme, Oyouki and I-in order to conduct my mother-in-law, sisters-in-law, and my youthful aunt, Madame Nenufar, to their house.
He stayed with us-that is, my uncle Maurice and I-in the Rue d'Hauteville.
In a year, thought I-in a year. . .
I shall tell them, as I have told the Committee, that Egerton is safe, and will pay nothing; but that you want the votes, and that I-in short, if they can be bought upon tick, I will buy them.
So utter was her dejection that he came back from the door and bent over her. "Jasmine," he said, gently, "we have to start again, you and I-in different paths.
I-in short,' said Mr. Micawber, with the same genteel air, and in another burst of confidence-'I live there.

Examples of I-in

Example #1
What has become of the chiffon?
Example #2
But I can't find it now.
Example #3
And besides, I had some idea that the Phoenicians had in former times wrought copper in that very spot.
Example #4
In either case, to treble my venture, would have helped me out.
Example #5
Couldn't we try and comfort each other?
Example #6
An' with all yer fine advantages ye're not a bit happy, are ye?