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With regard to Solomon, Chronicles (2Chronicles i.-ix.) nowhere departs very far from the lines of the Book of Kings.
But neither is the case very different with the genealogical lists prefixed by way of introduction in 1Chronicles i.-ix.
Proceeding now to a fuller examination of the contents of 1 Chron i.-ix.
To speak of a tradition handed down from pre-exilic times as being found in Chronicles, either in 1Chronicles i.-ix. or in 1Chronicles x.-2Chronicles xxxvi., is thus manifestly out of the question.

Examples of I-ix

Example #1
As the story of 1Kings i., ii.
Example #2
Just as the law framed by Ezra as the foundation of Judaism was regarded as having been the work of Moses, so what upon this basis had been developed after Moses-particularly the music of the sanctuary and the ordering of the temple _personnel_-was carried back to King David, the sweet singer of Israel, who had now to place his music at the service of the cultus, and write psalms along with Asaph, Heman, and Jeduthun, the Levitical singing families. VI.I.3.
Example #3
In the picture it gives the writer's own present is reflected, not antiquity.
Example #4
When the narrative of Chronicles runs parallel with the older historical books of the canon, it makes no real additions, but the tradition is merely differently coloured, under the influence of contemporary motives.
Example #5
The division into classes of the persons engaged in religious service is merely the most logical development of this artificial system which is applied to all other social relations as well.
Example #6
We hear of the families of the scribes at Jabesh, of the potters and gardeners and byssus-workers, of the sons of the goldsmiths, apothecaries, and fullers, these corporations being placed on the same plane with actual families.