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How to use i-or in a sentence. I-or pronunciation.

Suppose common floors will answer, and common plastering for the walls, if I paper; but shall I,-or do you recommend frescoing; and what do you say to cornices and other stucco-work?
Thus, to your true Philosopher, "the Stomach is the thing," and so long as his own be comfortable he may philosophise with stoical fortitude upon other people's woes (and occasionally his own) more or less agreeably; but starve him and our Philosopher will grieve for himself as miserably as I-or even you.

Examples of I-or

Example #1
I've no time to go over all the points in your last.
Example #2
What about wainscoting halls or any of the rooms?
Example #3
The Tooth of Remorse may be sharp but the Fangs of Hunger bite deeper still, and who shall cherish beauty in his soul or who find patience to rhapsodise on a sunset when his stomach is empty as a drum?
Example #4
For truly how many actions, evil and good, may be directly traced to the influence of this most important organ!