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How to use ice-man in a sentence. Ice-man pronunciation.

Then how we despise our contrivances for keeping warm, and bless the ice-man!
Hand in hand they approached the old ice-man, Winter, embraced him and clung to his breast; and as they did so, in a moment all three were enveloped in a thick, damp mist, dark and heavy, that closed over them like a veil.
Here, give me change," she said to the ice-man, holding out a twenty-pfennig piece.
It is time for the ice-man.

Examples of Ice-man

Example #1
We wish the house was all piazza, and if it were not for burglars and mosquitoes, would abjure walls and roof and live in the open air.
Example #2
No sooner do we get nicely fortified with furnaces, storm-porches, double windows, and forty tons of anthracite, than June bursts upon us with ninety degrees in the shade.
Example #3
They greeted the earth with a kiss, and wherever they placed their feet white flowers sprung up from beneath the snow.
Example #4
In the farmhouse lived a young married couple; they loved each other dearly, were industrious and active, and everything in their home looked very nice.
Example #5
Maurice saw that she was unusually excited, and as soon as he had drawn her out of reach of the children, asked her the reason.
Example #6
Get away, you little brutes!