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How to use ice-which in a sentence. Ice-which pronunciation.

One side of my face was now thickly caked over with ice-which protected, but also on account of its stiffness caused a minor discomfort.
The cold was bitter and, in places where water had crossed the road, there were slippery surfaces of ice-which hindered the camels considerably-and it was past eight o'clock before the rear guard arrived at the top of the pass.
I may here observe that I have since read his voyages, and he mentions as a curious fact, the steam which was emitted from the ice-which was nothing more than the hot air escaping from my cave when it was cut through-a singular point, as it not only proves the correctness of his remarks, but the circumstance of my having been there, as I am now describing it to your highness.

Examples of Ice-which

Example #1
So far, however, I had managed to keep both my eyes at work.
Example #2
After a while it became impossible for me to move scalp or brows.
Example #3
From a commanding position, overlooking the defile and surrounding waste of rugged and barren mountains, not an enemy could be seen; and it was hoped that the report of the intended attack was a false one.
Example #4
The track up the pass was excessively steep, and very difficult for the camels.
Example #5
Although I understood very little English, I heard the name of Captain Parry frequently mentioned-a name, I presume, that your highness is well acquainted with.
Example #6
Hearing the sound of voices, I considered my deliverance as certain.