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As the second of these laws governing the evolution of sacred literature may be mentioned that which we have constantly seen so effective in the growth of theological ideas-that to which Comte gave the name of the Law of Wills and Causes.
Mr Orgreave's got too many ideas-that's what's the matter with him.
I believe in American ideas-that is to say, in equal rights, and in the education and civilization of all the people.

Examples of Ideas-that

Example #1
For a succinct statement on the general subject, see Laing, Problems of the Future, London, 1889, chapters v and vi.
Example #2
For discoveries of prehistoric implements in India, see notes by Bruce Foote, F. G. S., in the British Journal of the Anthropological Institute for 1886 and 1887.
Example #3
Edwin would have liked to protest against the savagery of the tone, to inquire firmly why, since shelves were necessary for books and he had books, there need be such a display of ill-temper about a few feet of deal plank.
Example #4
He says it'll cost less.
Example #5
I never want to see the civilization of the Old World, or rather the barbarism of the Old World, gain a footing on this continent.
Example #6
This is the richest country and the most prosperous country, and I believe that the people have sense enough to continue the policy that has given them those results.