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How to use ignorance-that in a sentence. Ignorance-that pronunciation.

The policy is to keep them as much as possible in utter ignorance-that their indignation should therefore develope itself in the most degrading manner, is not surprising.
It's a sort of assistance-aid to innocent ignorance-that I've always been a bad hand at rendering; and in this connexion, that of keeping quiet for my brother, my virtue has at any rate finally found itself exhausted.
It is a strange mistake to suppose that nothing is natural beyond savage ignorance-that all refinement is unnatural-that there is only one sort of simplicity.
The South advocated a system of harmony with slavery, in harmony with ignorance-that is to say, a system of free trade, under which it might raise its raw material.

Examples of Ignorance-that

Example #1
There are two public schools established at New Orleans, which are supported out of the fund arising from five gaming-houses, they paying a tax of 25,000 dollars per annum.
Example #2
These schools are conducted on the Lancastrian system, each having a Principal and a Professor, and the studies are divided into daily sessions.
Example #3
It's not a black lie, moreover, you know," the Countess inimitably added.
Example #4
Ca me depasse, if you don't mind my saying so, the things, all round you, that you've appeared to succeed in not knowing.
Example #5
For the mind elevated by civilization is in a more natural state than a mind that has scarcely passed the boundary of brutal instinct, and the simplicity of a savage's hut, does not prevent there being a nobler simplicity in a Grecian temple.
Example #6
We see him turn both art and nature to his service, and we cannot contemplate the lordly dwelling and the richly decorated land around it-and the neatness and security and order of the whole scene-without associating them with the high accomplishments and refined tastes that in all probability distinguish the proprietor and his family.