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A brutal peasant, whose wife was pregnant, dragged out a fetus of seven months, together with the uterus and the whole intestinal canal, from within 50 cm. of the pylorus to within 8 cm. of the ileocecal valve.
Mason describes the case of a man of sixty-five who, after death by strangulated hernia, was opened, and two inches from the ileocecal valve was found an earthen egg-cup which he had swallowed.
Enterostomy, or the formation of a fecal fistula above the ileocecal valve, was performed for the first time by Nelaton in 1840, but the mortality since 1840 has been so great that in most cases it is deemed inadmissible.

Examples of Ileocecal

Example #1
In 1540 it was said that there were as many as 660 lepers in one hospital in Paris.
Example #2
Chisholm has seen a case in which for five weeks a fly was imbedded in the culdesac between the lower lid and the eyeball.
Example #3
There are some cases of monstrosities with closed, adherent eyelids and absence of eyes.
Example #4
The parents of this child were in every respect healthy.
Example #5
It is not uncommon to see people with different colored eyes.
Example #6
Anastasius I had one black eye and the other blue, from whence he derived his name "Dicore," by which this Emperor of the Orient was generally known.