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How to use ill-supplied in a sentence. Ill-supplied pronunciation.

The army of Brutus and Cassius amounted to at least eighty thousand infantry, supported by twenty thousand horse; but they were ill-supplied with experienced officers.
But they were ill-supplied with provisions and anxious for a decisive battle.
The mischief was owing to the jealousy of some of the medical authorities, in the first place, who would not see, believe, or allow to be reported, the fact that the men were in any way ill-supplied, because these same doctors had specified the stores that would be wanted,-and next, to the absence of a department for the actual distribution of existing stores.
You have told me that your purse is ill-supplied; you must suffer me to replenish it.

Examples of Ill-supplied

Example #1
For M. Valerius Messalla, a young man of twenty-eight, held the chief command after Brutus and Cassius; and Horace, who was but three-and-twenty, the son of a freedman, and a youth of feeble constitution, was appointed a legionary tribune.
Example #2
The republican leaders found them at Philippi.
Example #3
The republicans, however, kept to their intrenchments, and the other party began to suffer severely from famine.
Example #4
The triumviral army lay upon the open plain before them, in a position rendered unhealthy by marshes; Antony, on the right, was opposed to Cassius; Octavian, on the left, fronted Brutus.
Example #5
With the bedding the case was the same as with the lime-juice and the rice: there was plenty; but it was not served out till too late.
Example #6
Lying on wet ground, with one damp and dirty blanket over them, prepared hundreds for the hospital and the grave.