Illuminating-ga in a sentence

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How to use illuminating-ga in a sentence. Illuminating-ga pronunciation.

I sniffed, expecting to smell illuminating-gas.
If I had been able to discover the slightest trace of illuminating-gas in the room I should have pronounced it asphyxia at once.
But the asphyxia was not caused by escaping illuminating-gas. "There was an antique charcoal-brazier in the room, and I have ascertained that it was lighted.
It wasn't carbon monoxide or illuminating-gas.

Examples of Illuminating-ga

Example #1
Instead, a peculiar, sweetish odour pervaded the air.
Example #2
He banged the door shut again.
Example #3
All the symptoms accorded with it.
Example #4
My friend, Mr. Whitney, here, still holds the poison theory," began the coroner, "in spite of the fact that everything points absolutely toward asphyxiation.
Example #5
Now, anything like a brazier will, unless there is proper ventilation, give rise to carbonic oxide or carbon monoxide gas, which is always present in the products of combustion, often to the extent of from five to ten per cent.