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Definition of Immoderation

  • Lack of moderation.
  • the quality of being excessive and lacking in moderation

How to use immoderation in a sentence. Immoderation pronunciation.

They carry it almost to the point of immoderation.
I wish that this excessive licence of mine may draw men to freedom, above these timorous and mincing virtues sprung from our imperfections, and that at the expense of my immoderation I may reduce them to reason.
Well, then, laying books aside, and more simply and materially speaking, I find, after all, that Love is nothing else but the thirst of enjoying the object desired, or Venus any other thing than the pleasure of discharging one's vessels, just as the pleasure nature gives in discharging other parts, that either by immoderation or indiscretion become vicious.
Antonym: cameo. intelligence, n. knowledge, discernment, insight, acumen. intelligent, a. clever, discerning, astute, bright, knowing, apt, sensible. intemperance, n. excess, immoderation, debauchery.

Examples of Immoderation

Example #1
Briefly, it works something like this.
Example #2
What’s the particular feature that’s seemed to have gained your regard?
Example #3
A man must see and study his vice to correct it; they who conceal it from others, commonly conceal it from themselves; and do not think it close enough, if they themselves see it: they withdraw and disguise it from their own consciences: "Quare vitia sua nemo confitetur?
Example #4
Whoever will oblige himself to tell all, should oblige himself to do nothing that he must be forced to conceal.
Example #5
According to Socrates, love is the appetite of generation by the mediation of beauty.
Example #6
So of thoughts that come accidentally into my head, I have no more but a vain image remaining in my memory; only enough to make me torment myself in their quest to no purpose.