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Definition of Immodestly

  • In an immodest manner.
  • without modesty; in an immodest manner

How to use immodestly in a sentence. Immodestly pronunciation.

Because they could not break the contract, they feigned that it had not existed; and the ground of nullity, immodestly alleged by the married pair, was admitted with equal facility by priests and magistrates, alike corrupt.
Do I quote immodestly, my lord?
There are some shapely limbs generously and immodestly shown in connection with this invitation.

Examples of Immodestly

Example #1
These divorces, veiled under another name, became so frequent, that the most important act of civil society was discovered to be amenable to a tribunal of exceptions; and to restrain the open scandal of such proceedings became the office of the police.
Example #2
To these attacks so frequently pointed by the government against the clergy,-to the continual struggles between the different constituted bodies,-to these enterprises carried on by the mass of the nobles against the depositaries of power,-to all those projects of innovation, which always ended by a stroke of state policy; we must add a cause not less fitted to spread contempt for ancient doctrines; _this was the excess of corruption_. "That freedom of manners, which had been long boasted of as the principal charm of Venetian society, had degenerated into scandalous licentiousness: the tie of marriage was less sacred in that Catholic country, than among those nations where the laws and religion admit of its being dissolved.
Example #3
She stood before him, puckering her brows a little as she searched to remember the words-"'_On the seventh day, when the heart of the king was merry with wine, he commanded the seven chamberlains_-'" "Spare me.
Example #4
You might have known that I was drunk, or I could never have sent.
Example #5
One young woman startles the crowd by announcing that she will dance the cancan for half a dollar.
Example #6
The first we hear from them is when half a dozen invade our box, plump themselves in our laps, and begin to beg that we put quarters in their stockings for luck.