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Definition of Impatient

  • Not patient; not bearing with composure; intolerant; uneasy; fretful; restless, because of pain, delay, or opposition; eager for change, or for something expected; hasty; passionate; -- often followed by at for of, and under.
  • Prompted by, or exhibiting, impatience; as, impatient speeches or replies.
  • One who is impatient.
  • restless or short-tempered under delay or opposition

How to use impatient in a sentence. Impatient pronunciation.

He was alive and well here at the Palace at eleven, and-" Kaid made an impatient gesture.
Its astonishing inequalities make the reader at times angrily impatient, and at other times inspired.
It was no easy thing to fill this office, and required that one should be well accustomed to it; for he spoke quickly, all in one breath, made no pause, and was impatient when obliged to repeat.
Nancy looked eagerly about her, impatient for the dark, wishing the throng would sweep her away.
Impatient to be gone, she lingered minute after minute, and broke hurriedly from his restraining arms at last.
Impatient with Nancy, because of the vagaries resultant from her mental and physical state, he himself exhibited a flagrant triumph of instinct over reason.
The little boy, timid and impatient, was at the head of the stairs.
Fanny's name did not pass his lips; when Nancy ventured an inquiry concerning her, he made an impatient gesture, and spoke of something else.
His answer was an impatient exclamation of irony and anger: then he spoke: "You will pardon me, Madame," he said, "if so sudden a change in my sentiments can not be as prompt as you wish.
They are impatient for the hour when they can divide your spoils.
The bad condition of the roads was a new obstacle, and it was three o'clock in the morning when the Count, impatient and travel-worn, jumped out of the little cart before the railings of his avenue.
Nay, Master Page, be not impatient.
Many people were very impatient at the contrary wind.
And the many people who, impatient of the perpetual alarms of fear, have hanged or drowned themselves, or dashed themselves to pieces, give us sufficiently to understand that fear is more importunate and insupportable than death itself.
Antony heard high praise of a certain brother; but, when he tested him, he found that he was impatient under injury.
The Rev. B. B. Gordon was a man by nature ill-suited to be a schoolmaster: he was impatient and choleric.
Mr. Perkins read it with an impatient shrug of the shoulders.
Mr. Perkins, like many men who manage things by their personal influence, grew a little impatient when his power was not immediately manifest.
Mr. Goodworthy grew impatient with him.
Philip was disappointed, and Lawson, pardonably anxious to show off one of the celebrities of the Quarter, grew impatient.

Examples of Impatient

Example #1
By the stone in the Kaabah, but it is not reasonable that Foorgat should die in his bed like a babe and sleep himself into heaven!
Example #2
Fate meant him for a violent end; but ere that came there was work to do for me.
Example #3
One easily understands the varying emotions of Turgenev, who read the story piecemeal, in the course of its publication.
Example #4
Strakov called it a complete picture of the Russia of that time, and a complete picture of humanity.
Example #5
In order to have me always at hand, the Emperor gave me permission to hunt in the Park of Saint-Cloud, and was kind enough to remark that since I was very fond of hunting, in granting me this privilege he was very glad to have combined my pleasure with his need of me.
Example #6
I have already stated that the misfortunes of the Revolution had caused my education to be more imperfect than it should have been; but even had it been as good as it is defective, I much doubt whether I would ever have been able to write from the Emperor's dictation.