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Definition of Impertinency

  • Impertinence.

How to use impertinency in a sentence. Impertinency pronunciation.

Then ’tis wit to use the proper spelling, and leave off impertinencies; and if fewer Letters will serve the turn, ’twill save Paper and Ink, and ’tis strange, if not labour too, for Writers; no doubt for Teachers it will.
IMPARTER, any one ready to be cheated and to part with his money. IMPEACH, damage. IMPERTINENCIES, irrelevancies.

Examples of Impertinency

Example #1
And how many ways do we pronounce you?
Example #2
Is not the as ancient as weigh, yea, sea, holy, key.
Example #3
IMPERTINENT(LY), irrelevant(ly), without reason or purpose.
Example #4
IMBROCATA, fencing term: a thrust in tierce. IMPAIR, impairment. IMPART, give money.