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Definition of In

  • A prefix from Eng. prep. in, also from Lat. prep. in, meaning in into on among; as, inbred, inborn, inroad; incline, inject, intrude. In words from the Latin, in- regularly becomes il- before l ir- before r, and im- before a labial; as, illusion, irruption, imblue, immigrate, impart. In- is sometimes used with an simple intensive force.
  • An inseparable prefix, or particle, meaning not non-, un- as, inactive, incapable, inapt. In- regularly becomes il- before l ir- before r, and im- before a labial.

How to use in in a sentence. In pronunciation.

In the theatre, we run after the farce; in painting, we worship the Dutch school; in-" "Literature?" said Saville.
Childe-Harold_, le plus beau poème de Byron, en un volume in-18.
If others still seek to join in-" "Ay, father," said Oliver, "there is a great danger.
But what in-" Lot smiled.
There is a lack of principle-a want of rectitude in- er-the French Press, for example, that is highly deplorable.
If you listened in-" "There now, Mary V, you shouldn't object to your own mother overhearing anything you've got to say.
Moreover, Ursula, though I have a great regard for you, and though I consider you very handsome, quite as handsome, indeed, as Meridiana in-' 'Meridiana!
And once the Republican party gets in-" "Then there will never be a revolution.
Well, I have a delicacy in-" "Oh, you need not have!
The troops are few in- _Enter_ VINCENZO.
That's where her artful and deceitful devilry comes in-" "I suppose Dale," said I, "declares her to be an angel of light and purity?
And she told me how "Karl" is 26 years old; and how he has had passionate longings all his life toward art, but has always been poor and obliged to struggle for his daily bread; and how he felt sure that if he could only have one or two lessons in- "Lessons?
Instantly Mr. Brown would break in- 'Oh, I knew HIM.
And what shall I say of Julia, constant against the fickleness of a lover who is a mere wicked child?-of Helena, against the petulance and insult of a careless youth?-of the patience of Hero, the passion of Beatrice, and the calmly devoted wisdom of the "unlessoned girl," who appears among the helplessness, the blindness, and the vindictive passions of men, as a gentle angel, bringing courage and safety by her presence, and defeating the worst malignities of crime by what women are fancied most to fail in,- precision and accuracy of thought.
B, C, D, G] two lines, _in-, affection_.
I had it digging out spaceship info for me, something I have always been interested in-" "You should be," Inskipp interrupted rudely.
Something you misapprehended in-'s letter.
Then you will creep to mademoiselle's door and whisper what I have told you and say that I beg her to meet me before those others have awakened at five o'clock in-" Pondering a rendezvous, I hesitated.
Among others who joined the standard of revolt was Gilbert Glossin, writer in-, agent for the Laird of Ellangowan.
According to his aristocratic feelings, there was a degree of presumption in this novus homo, this Mr. Gilbert Glossin, late writer in-, presuming to set up such an accommodation at all; but his wrath was mitigated when he observed that the mantle upon the panels only bore a plain cipher of G.G.

Examples of In

Example #1
In fact, too, the meaner the object, the more certain it is with us of becoming the rage.
Example #2
Dutch representations of candlesticks and boors are sought after with the most rapturous delight; the most disagreeable objects of nature become the most worshipped treasures of art; and we emulate each other in testifying our exaltation of taste by contending for the pictured vulgarities by which taste itself is the most essentially degraded.
Example #3
Retiendront dans leur sein leur venimeux poison, Tandis qu'avec orgueil une autre nation Décore de son nom l'autel de la patrie!...
Example #4
Example #5
It was no doubt some thought of this kind that prompted old Sylvester to speak: "My children," said the patriarch, glancing with a calm eye around the circle of glowing faces at the table "you are bound together with good cheer and in comfortable circumstances; and even as you, who are here from east and west, from the north and the south, by each one yielding a little of his individual whim or inclination, can thus sit together prosperously and in peace at one board, so can our glorious family of friendly States, on this and every other day, join hands, and like happy children in the fields, lead a far-lengthening dance of festive peace among the mountains and among the vales, from the soft-glimmering east far on to the bright and ruddy west.
Example #6
Straight on, as people who have an allotted task before them, the Peabodys moved through the dinner,-a powerful, steady-going caravan of cheerful travellers, over hill, over dale, up the valleys, along the stream-side, cropping their way like a nimble-toothed flock of grazing sheep, keenly enjoying herbage and beverage by the way.