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I've no doubt, however, Tom, that he is after us, for I heard, as well as I could make out, from what I know of the language, two phrases, `In a couple of nights' time,' and `Look out for the signal,' while the Greek sailors here said, `It's all right on board,' as if they had arranged everything.
Shelley's `To a Skylark', and Wordsworth's `To the Skylark'. Aside from Audubon's `Birds of America' and Ridgway's `Manual of North American Birds', the student may consult with profit Burroughs's `Birds and Poets', Thompson's `In the Haunts of the Mocking-bird' (`The Atlantic', 54. 620, November, 1884), various articles by Olive Thorne Miller in `The Atlantic' (vol.
Contained `To Charlotte Cushman' (dedication), `Corn', `The Symphony', `The Psalm of the West', `In Absence', `Acknowledgment', `Betrayal', `Special Pleading', `To Charlotte Cushman', `Rose-morals', `To - with a Rose'. Poems of Sidney Lanier, Edited by his Wife, with a Memorial by William Hayes Ward.
Powerful efforts had been made `in the proper quarter' to get the date conveniently arranged, but without success; after all, the seat of authority was Hanbridge and not Bursley.
But `in for a penny, in for a pound'; I'll take the risk, and trust to my usual good luck to keep me out of a Spanish prison.

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I don't like it at all, Tom.
Example #2
From the distance the ship has run, we can't be very far off Cyprus, and the pirate, if pirate he be, knows well enough that an English frigate has been stationed there ever since we occupied the island.
Example #3
Wilde compares the mocking-bird to Yorick and to Jacques; Meek, to Petrarch; Lanier, to Keats, in `To Our Mocking-bird', as does Wm.
Example #4
This self-appreciation is confirmed by the greatest authority on birds, Audubon: "There is probably no bird in the world that possesses all the musical qualifications of this king of song, who has derived all from Nature's self.
Example #5
J. B. Lippincott & Co., Philadelphia, 1877.
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Charles Scribner's Sons, 1884, 252 pp., 12mo.