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How to use in in a sentence. In pronunciation.

I understand thy looks: that pretty Welsh Which thou pourest down from these swelling heavens, I am too perfect in,” &c.
Eleanore does not want you to come in,” she said, with a trace of joy in her eyes.
Jesus, you’re punching my belly in,” replied Philippina, and gasped for breath.

Examples of In

Example #1
I’d rather be a kitten and cry—mew.
Example #2
The characters of the _dramatis personæ_, like those in real life, are to be inferred by the reader;—they are not told to him.
Example #3
After they had talked the situation over for a while Benda accompanied Daniel as far as Ægydius Place, in order to make sure that he inquired after Eleanore. Gertrude opened the iron door.
Example #4
There is something wrong here,” he said, “you had better go see her.
Example #5
What had brought him to the city he, Jason Philip, could not see.
Example #6
He had tried to question him, but Daniel had disappeared.