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How to use in-i in a sentence. In-i pronunciation.

Is this young man-the one you brought in-is he the only one you know who has been concerned in this-er-business? "Yes, sir, on this side he is.
But if you put her before me, I'll not go in-I never will go in.
He covered his writing up when we went in-I didn't know why.
Miss Lina here, though she has been so short a time with us, has inspired a good deal of attachment in-I may say in almost all of us.
But she must not say it-must not cry-must keep right on being a Plummer. "Robert, I didn't go in-I couldn't," the minister's wife said, back in the cheery sitting room.
Still more fascinating, perhaps, because more completely realisable by the fancy as an actual thing-realisable as a delightful place to pass time in-is the description of the palace of Alcinous in the little island town of the Phaeacians, to which we are introduced in all the liveliness and sparkle of the morning, as real as something seen last summer on the sea-coast; although, appropriately, Ulysses meets a goddess, like a young girl carrying a pitcher, on his way up from the sea.
The neighbours came in-I was hurried before the cadi, in company with the old woman and the Frank physician.
But there was a hint dropped that you used, back-along, to give lessons in-I forget the word.
Barnaby rushed in-I was down again.

Examples of In-i

Example #1
Cliff spoke about his boss several times, but he never told me who his boss was.
Example #2
Then he very matter-of-factly wrote a receipt, which Johnny accepted with humility, not at all sure of what the captain thought or intended.
Example #3
Say you won't go to see that girl any more, and there's nothing I won't do for you.
Example #4
With most women this would have been an empty threat; but it was not so with Thyra, and Chester knew it.
Example #5
He looked rather cross, and we heard Jane or somebody being scolded outside by the voice.
Example #6
He was stout and short, and wore spectacles.