In-never in a sentence

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How to use in-never in a sentence. In-never pronunciation.

The way they went in-never thinking of themselves-it was simply ripping.
I 'most killed myself on bananas when our first well came in-never thought I'd be able to afford all I wanted.
Not for a moment had she been left alone since she was brought in-never less than two females remaining with her.

Examples of In-never

Example #1
I assure you when we made the attack where I got wounded there wasn't a single man in my regiment who wasn't an absolute hero.
Example #2
Oh, not a bit; you're quite out!
Example #3
I keep a bag of 'em in my desk.
Example #4
Now me, I'm goin' in for bananas.
Example #5
Presently the woman who was evidently the chief of the establishment came in accompanied by a girl, whom Isobel recognized at once as the juggler's daughter.
Example #6
Darkness came on gradually; some lamps were lighted in the room.