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How to use in-which in a sentence. In-which pronunciation.

There's one great form of Christian faith I happened to be born in-which to teach Was given me as I grew up, on all hands As best and readiest means of living by.
He plays in it when a child; he goes in it to his first hunt; the bears and the deer know him by it; he carries it with him on the warpath, and his enemies tremble at the sight of it; his squaw knows him by that skin when he comes back to his wigwam; and when he dies, he is put aside in the same skin in-which he was born.
Speaker Cannon was not present at the moment; but a little later he "billowed" in-which seems to be the word to express it-he came with such a rush and tide of life.
Half an hour later they emerged on the street, free to take in the town, or to have the town take them in,-which was usually the case.

Examples of In-which

Example #1
The same, I fear, might now be said of Muhammadanism.
Example #2
In my opinion he was wrong; I should think little of a missionary, whether Christian or Muhammadan, who endured the trials of a missionary life (and some of those old French priests did endure abundantly) solely in the hope of making a personal, albeit spiritual and eternal, profit at the end of it all.
Example #3
There is but one skin, and it has but one color.
Example #4
The skin in which he was born he keeps.
Example #5
After greetings, Clemens produced the letter and read it to him solemnly, as if he were presenting a petition.
Example #6
The privileged ones began to gather, and a crowd assembled in the hall outside.