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How to use inagua in a sentence. Inagua pronunciation.

Columbus continued sailing for the island he named Fernandina, now called Inagua Chica.
It has been supposed to be the island now called Inagua Grande.
Gave the vessel chase as far as Inagua Island, when she came to.

Examples of Inagua

Example #1
There was a calm all day and he did not arrive in time to anchor safely before dark.
Example #2
He therefore waited till morning, and anchored near a town.
Example #3
This they did, at an island to the east, which he named Isabella, the Indians whom he had with him calling it Saomete.
Example #4
He ordered the caravels to keep their courses till noon, and then join him.
Example #5
We made the Captain come on board with his papers, from which we found that he came from Leogane, and was bound to Nantz in France, loaded with sugars, indigo, and hides, and also 300 pieces of 8/8 sent by the Intendant to the receiver of the customs of Nantz.
Example #6
At 5 A.M. saw a top sail schooner; but the master, while going to the mast head to see what course she steered, had the misfortune to fall & break his arm just above the wrist.