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Definition of Inane

  • Without contents; empty; void of sense or intelligence; purposeless; pointless; characterless; useless.
  • That which is void or empty.

How to use inane in a sentence. Inane pronunciation.

But he must have approved of the picture of the Petersburg group, who under a thin veneer of polished manners are utterly inane and cynically vicious.
But I reflected that yesterday I might myself have made the same inane remark as she. "Would you like the paper?
And how inane was the life he led, lounging about bars and drinking in music halls, wandering from one light amour to another!
But to be bored by mean, low-spirited, inane ghost stories in the Johns style, all the way out to Calcutta and back again, was an intolerable apprehension to be under.
Bunter moved slightly his bandaged head, and fixed his cold blue stare on Captain Johns' face, as if taking stock and appraising the value of every feature; the perplexed forehead, the credulous eyes, the inane droop of the mouth.
This summer, as you may conjecture, has been very noisy with us, and productive of little,-the "Wind-dust-ry of all Nations" involving everything in one inane tornado.
She did not habitually smile; her light-heartedness, her optimism, did not show themselves in that inane way.
I will never be quite willing to admit that this country is enlightened until we cease the inane and parsimonious policy of trying to drive all the really strong men and women out of the teaching profession by putting them on the payroll at one-half the rate, or less, than what the same brains and energy can command elsewhere.
But as the intelligence has fled, they are of course unable to give any true counsel, and that accounts for the inane, goody-goody nonsense of which these things deliver themselves.
Metaxa and Jakes were staring down at it solemnly, for once no inane grin on the supervisor’s face.
The curling line of her lips, as they closed on each other, said all the rest; all the cruel truths about his unspeakable, inane, coarse follies, his laziness, his excesses, his lies, his deceptions, his bad faith, his truculence, his improvidence, his shameful waste and ruin of his life and hers.
There was very little fire in the parlour, and Constance, in addition to being bored by Mrs. Critchlow's inane and inquisitive remarks, felt chilly, which was bad for her sciatica.
But I reflected that yesterday I might myself have made the same inane remark as she.
So presently Jean began to feel silly, and the joke lost its point and seemed inane and weak.
But it laughed chiefly at inane obscenity.
The same brawny gentlemen in tights made human pyramids out of themselves and played football with the little boys and minced with their aggravating steps down to the footlights; the same red-nosed clown tried to emulate his dashing companion on the horizontal bars, pulling himself up, to the eternal delight of the audience, by the seat of his baggy breeches, and hanging his hat on the smooth steel upright; the same massive lady with the deep chest sang sentimental ballads; the same China-man produced warrens of rabbits and flocks of pigeons from impossible receptacles; the same half-dozen scantily clad damsels sang the same inane chorus in the same flat baby voices and danced the same old dance.
He says all the town flock to the music and don't come to the service, and that the pieces played are profane, or mundane, or inane, or something-not what ought to be played on Sunday.
Bernard always clapped down the lid, for he regarded this phenomenon as strikingly inane.
The strength and purity of his energies have reached to an almost divine height, and roam through the Inane.
Whereupon her companion, a big, blond Teuton with an inane guffaw, boldly thrust an arm about her waist and held her while he presented the tickets.

Examples of Inane

Example #1
Dostoevski was so angry when he read this book that he said it ought to be burnt by the common hangman.
Example #2
None but a great master could have drawn such pictures; but it is not certain that the master was employing his skill to good advantage.
Example #3
No, I thought, you don't catch me there; and said nothing.
Example #4
The sky was blue and the sunshine was brilliant.
Example #5
He never read a book, he was blind to everything that was not frivolous and vulgar; he had never a thought that was fine: the word most common on his lips was smart; that was his highest praise for man or woman.
Example #6
He saw now why she and Griffiths loved one another, Griffiths was stupid, oh so stupid!